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Scent List

Scent                             Color                    Description

Angel Wing White light floral scent
Apple Red a freshly sliced juicy apple
Apple Cider Clove Sweet & spicy blend of warm apple cider, sweet orange slices, cinnamon and cloves
Bay Berry Dark Green warm and spicy holiday tradition
Candy Cane White sweet peppermint candy and vanilla
Cappuccino Brown Coffee with cream and sugar
Christmas Tree Green Crisp, clean and pine - just like a freshly cut tree
Cinnamon Cinnamon Fresh grounded cinnamon
Cinnamon Apple & Berry Reddish Brown tart apples and sugary berries laced with a cinnamon glow
Clean Cotton White just-cleaned sheets dried in a gentle breeze
Cool Citrus Basil Orange/Kelly Green a blend of light citrus with a touch of basil
Cranberry Plum Dark Cranberry blend of tangy cranberries and sweet plums
Cucumber Melon Kelly Green honeydew melon base with cucumber
Dragon's Blood Burgundy rich blend of red berries and purple plums
Drakkar Black Great duplication of the men's cologne
Edible Spice Reddish Brown gourmet blend of allspice, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger
Egg Nog Ivory Just like the holiday drink of egg and nutmeg
Eucalyptus Hunter Green Stimulating scent that relives symptoms of cold, sinus and sore throat
Gardenia White it smells just like a fresh corsage
Gingersnap Brown warm, spicy gingersnap cookie
Green Clover & Aloe Dark Green wild flowers and herbs growing in a summer garden
Green Tea & Cucumber Kelly Green soothing blend of fresh cucumbers infused with natural green tea
Hollyberry Red An herbal combination of holly greens and berries
Home For the Holidays Kelly Green  warm blend of holiday cheer including cookies, flowers, and pine trees
Home Sweet Home Burgundy A strong housewarming spicy cinnamon
Honeysuckle Bright Yellow A potent sweet nectar flower
Hot Butter Rum Ivory  warm and creamy blend that will make your mouth water
Jasmine Purple Exotic sweet, warm florist bouquet
Lavendar tea Green/Purple Lavender and fresh picked tea leaves
Lavender Purple powerful sensual flower 
Lemon Grass Bright Yellow lemongrass herbs
Lilac Purple smells like a fresh bloomed lilac bush
Love Spell Purplish Pink A fresh blend of citrus, peaches, black currant, rose petals with a sweet musky base
Magnolia White Fresh blooming tree on a spring day
Midsummer Night Black An energizing, mysterious & powerful masculine scent
Mountain Mist Light Green Fresh, crisp mountain air
Odor Eliminator Off White Strong maraschino cherry scent
Patchouli Brown Deep penetrating woodsy, earthy aroma
Pears & Berries Red/Green sweet pears and raspberry
Peppermint White/Red  strong refreshing minty scent
Pomegranate Burgundy mouthwatering fruit/berry scent
Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon blend of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger
Sea Breeze Blue Aquatic aroma of tropical coves
Snowflake Light Blue Crisp, clean, cool and slightly minty
Spearmint Green strong burst of mint
Spring Rain Dark Blue Fresh rain showers on a spring day with flowers and trees blooming
Sugar Cookie Ivory Delicious cookie dough
Sweet Pea Pink/Green As sweet and delicate as genuine sweet pea flowers
Vanilla Bean White A comforting, creamy, smooth vanilla
Victorian Christmas Rose Light pink bouquet of fresh roses with a touch of vanilla
Warm Vanilla Sugar Ivory A warm, sweet vanilla with a hint of a floral undertone
White Tea & Ginger Golden Yellow white tea, lemon, ginger and clean floral
Wintergreen Kelly Green fresh, crisp minty scent